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Questions you can ask a Listing Agent

Questions to ask BEFORE listing your home

What do you ask an agent? When it comes to listing your home you may want some additional questions to ask an interviewing agent, in order to find out more about their service.

1.) How familiar are you with the community? How many homes have you sold here last year?
2.) How will you market my home?
3.) Can you show me a sample of your marketing?
4.) How often will you communicate with me?
5.) Can you sell it yourself?
6.) Do you currently have any buyers in this community?
7.) What is the first step to listing my home?
8.) What will it cost me to sell my home?
9.) Are you a full time Real Estate Agent?
10.) Are you a full service brokerage? (Coordinate repairs, financing, moving, closing)
11.) Are you current representing any sellers in the community?
12.) Do you have a website?
13.) Can you explain the selling process to me?
14.) What makes you a better fit to sell my home?
15.) What makes you different from other realtors?

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